Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Chapel Aide

Every Friday when the school joins together for Chapel.

PE Aide

Help support Mrs R with PE. 

Upper Grade Math Tutor

An advanced math tutor is needed weekly for the upper grades. 

Reading Mentors

Reading mentors are needed for all grade levels. Click the link below to sign up for a specific grade.

Lunch/Recess Aide

Help with K-5th grade lunch and recess from 12:15pm-1:30pm any day Monday- Friday.

Bulletin Board Designer

Once a month we need a volunteer to redesign bulletin boards outside of every grades classroom. This position is flexible days/time.

After School Clubs

We have a wide variety of clubs offered at the school this year. Click on the link below and sign up for a club you would like to volunteer for to receive more information.

Emergency Volunteers

We are hoping to have a solid list of emergency volunteers for the school year. These people will be contacted when we need someone for before care.

Sign Up to Volunteer

Email our Office to Become a Volunteer!