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Monthly Fundraising Focus

Amazon Smile

Support us when you shop during the holiday season. Go to www.smile.amazon.com/ch/91-6035407.

Year-Round Fundraising

This month we are launch our Benefits Mobile-escrip app. Easy real time gift cards that earn money for our school with no extra costs! This is scrip reimagined! Click the link below to learn more or contact Amy Policarpio.

Don't forget about our six fundraisers that are active all year round! Help us raise money for our school with purchases you already make.

Daily Fundraising for Our School

Benefit Mobile

Benefit is a great way to raise money for our school with purchases you already make every day. This app lets you purchase gift cards for retail stores and our school will receive a percentage of amount spent. This will not cost you any extra money when making the purchase, and cards will be active immediately for use.

How to set up:

1. Download the Benefit app on a smart phone 

2. Link your account to our school by setting Glendale Lutheran School as a beneficiary.

    a. Click on the top left menu button

    b. Select "Beneficiaries"

    c. Select "Schools"

    d. Search "Glendale Lutheran School"

    e. Select which of our two campaigns you would like to support

3. Browse through retailers select one you would like to purchase.

4. Your gift card will be active immediately and our school will receive a rebate (amount varies between retailers)


Going to dinner at Red Robin? When you receive the bill, purchase a Red Robin gift card on the Benefit app, it will be available to use immediately and our school will earn 5% back! Gift cards can be given as gifts or used for purchases you are already making every day.   

A simple and free way to give money back to our school!

Amazon Smile

When going to Amazon for purchases visit www.smile.amazon.com Our school will receive 0.5% of eligible purchases. You will not have to select the school every time you wish to purchase something, it will be saved as your default charity. These purchases will not charge you any extra.  

*Reminder: When using amazon you must go to smile.amazon 

Link your Amazon Smile account by clicking the link below!


Fred Meyer

Link your Rewards Card at Fred Meyer to Glendale Lutheran School for our school to receive rewards from Fred Meyer! You will still keep 100% of your reward points, fuel points and rebates; you will just have the added bonus of helping us receive donations from Fred Meyers. 

To link your card, log onto your online account and search for our school. Once your card is linked online it will stay linked to our school until you wish to change it.  

How to link your card 

1. Log onto your account online 

2. Click “My Account” on the top right corner 

3. Scroll to the bottom and under “Community Rewards” click on “enroll” 

4. Search for our school and select   (KN900)


When purchasing school supplies this year at Staples, give them the school’s phone number at check out (206) 244-6085 in order for our school to receive 2% back in rewards for our staff to purchase supplies   

Office Depot

When purchasing supplies at Office Depot give them our school ID number at checkout (70200057) in order for our school to receive 5% back in credit for our staff to purchase supplies 

Box Top

Keep your eyes open for Box Tops for Education labels on food boxes you might be using this summer. Cut out the BoxTop and keep them in a safe place until you can turn them into the school on selected dates that can be found on the school calendar. Each BoxTop collected is worth $0.10!   

Bring in your Box Tops again on February 7th!

What Our GLS Families Have Helped Us Earn This Year!


Box Tops

Collect and save more Box Tops for our October 17, 2019  collection!


Round Table Pizza

Thank you everyone that participated in our fundraising night at Round Table Pizza! 

Congratulations to our  raffle winners: Chaufty Family, Ekness Family, Gill Family!